Orthodontics in Turkey

Orthodontics Turkey is a specialty of dentistry and it is used to treat and prevent distorted and incompatible teeth with orthodontic treatments. It is the process of correcting the problems in the teeth by examining the mouth, teeth and head structure and restoring the teeth to a healthy position.  The treatment method, which aims to achieve the teeth that the person wants, aims to return crooked and uneven teeth to their former health. You can contact us to get information about orthodontics turkey.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics, which is one of the branches of dentistry, is a branch that is quite busy in terms of patient appointments. Generally, people who have dental problems do not know that they should apply to this department and get negative results in dental health by applying for erroneous treatments.

It is a branch that deals with the aesthetic placement of teeth on the jaw bone. Orthodontic prices are made differently for each patient, as the treatments are usually long-term and are implemented within a personalized plan. Therefore, in order not to convey erroneous information to the patient, the specialist should clarify all the details of the treatment process from the beginning to the end.

Orthodontics Specialist

A dentist who specializes in orthodontics is called an orthodontics specialist. Specialists are physicians who work to solve all problems related to teeth and jaw structures as well as dentists in general. They are experts who solve problems that occur in teeth caused by crowding, deficiency, narrow jaws and wisdom teeth. While solving dental problems in their branches, specialists apply different treatment methods than dentists and deal with the problems of the patient in detail.

How does Orthodontics Treatment work?

Specialists in the dental branch determine the health problem by looking at the patient’s dental history. Whether or not to perform dental orthodontic treatment is decided with this review. In addition to gaining an aesthetic appearance thanks to this treatment, people also get a healthy mouth structure while crookedness, crowding, differences in the lower and upper jaw, jaw cysts and jaw problems are eliminated.

Treatments usually consist of several stages, and the treatment begins with a specialist’s examination. While the treatment plan is being prepared, the patient should be given detailed information about orthodontic prices. If any cavities or other problems are encountered in the mouth during the preparation phase, they must be treated first. The patient is then presented with treatment options, informed about the apparatus used and the process, and the orthodontic treatment process is started this way.

Orthodontic Treatment Methods

If the dental problems of the patients are at advanced levels, it means that they can be solved with different treatment methods. When dentists see a problem in the field of orthodontics during the examination, they should inform the patient and explain that these treatment methods should be used. A treatment plan is made according to the diagnosis and treatment is started using appropriate tools. Depending on how the treatment process develops, orthodontics prices will differ and appropriate treatment methods will be selected for the patient.

What Are The Tools Used In Orthodontic Treatment?

After the diagnosis is made, an appropriate treatment plan should be made for the patient. The tools used in this treatment plan are determined individually. Tools used in orthodontic treatment include removable appliances, transparent plates, braces and wires, mini implants, face masks and chinrests. All of these apparatuses vary specifically for the health problem of the person and are suitable tools for use by experts.

Creating a patient-specific treatment plan in dental treatments and the variability of the tools used will also have an effect on orthodontic prices, so it will be beneficial to provide the patient with preliminary information.

Why Are Transparent Plaques Used In Orthodontic Treatment?

First of all, the use of transparent plaques in dental treatments is preferred because they are easy to attach and remove. It is one of the most suitable treatment tools for eliminating pain, aches and discomfort. It has been noticed that teeth clenching and jaw problems are reduced with transparent plaques. Plaques accelerate the process in orthodontic treatments and enables recovery in a shorter time than normal dental treatments.

Specialist dentists consider the use of transparent plates healthier and safer because they minimize the problem of odor occurring in the mouth and are comfortable to use because they can be attached and removed, therefore they often prefer these plates. The use of transparent plates also affects orthodontic prices and their use is recommended for every person when needed.

Istanbul Orthodontics Specialist

Physicians who detect and treat health problems in teeth and the jaw structure are orthodontics specialists. In addition to aesthetically disturbing disorders, orthodontics specialists treat congenital or subsequent dental problems without allowing them to affect the social life of the incumbent.

Dentists determine whether people need orthodontic treatment by looking at the history of the teeth and performing the necessary examinations. Thus, the person receives information about orthodontic prices and enables the preparation of a personal treatment plan.

Orthodontics Turkey Prices 2023

Treatment is usually based on a dentist’s guidance. Although orthodontic prices vary in general, they can increase up to 6000 TL. The reasons for any differences are related to the general condition of the patient.

Stages such as the size of the problems in the teeth and jaw, how to use the apparatus, the treatment process affect orthodontic prices and increase the costs. Treatment times usually last from 6 months to 2 years. In order to get detailed information about orthodontic prices, it is important to make an appointment to be examined by a specialist and to have a detailed checkup.

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