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Dental Implants

It is the replacement of your defected or missing tooth with an artificial tooth. Sometime, people use dentures and dental bridges to overcome the missing tooth issue


Although orthodontic treatments are similar depending on the individual’s tooth and skeletal structure and complaints, the treatment plan may be different for each case

Hollywood Smile

The general idea behind Hollywood Smile is to try to get rid of all the tooth defects as much as possible and come up with a satisfactory result from the harmonious white and attractive teeth

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a very popular treatment that aims to remove discolouration along with stains on the teeth and restore the shine of the past to the enamel


Case Study

We present to you some of the cases of our patients at Istanbul Smile Center, which were performed by Dr. Necip Adil

What we do

Istanbul Smile

Dental Implant Clinic Istanbul Smile, with its Global Health Service Approach, Provides Dental Treatment Services at International Quality Standards to All World Citizens in a Short Time with its Specialist Doctors

Digital Dentistry

We get the best results with 3D supported digital scanners.

Expert Academic Physicians

We work with expert academician physicians with more than 20 years of experience.


Panoramic X-Ray and Tomography

Panoramic x-rays and tomography are performed in our clinic.

Travel Planning

Let's Organize Your Accommodation and Let Your Team Meet You in Istanbul and Accompany You to Your Accommodation

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Our difference is our perspective on dentistry; We change the lives of every person we touch and help them start a new, happier, and a more comfortable life.
This is our greatest accomplishment for us.

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