What is Periodontology?

It is the beginning level of gum diseases.
The general symptoms of the disease are red, swollen, bleeding gums.
With the timely intervention of your dentist and your attention to your oral hygiene, you can regain healthy gums.
If left untreated, it will turn into periodontitis. The disease can progress rapidly and lead to tooth loss. It may also require medication along with gum treatment.

Do Permanent Teeth Shake and Fall Out, Too?

Yes. If gum disease progresses and is not treated, the bone support around the tooth is lost and the teeth are lost by shaking.

Macro photography. Top view on cleaning process in patient's mouth. Cleaning teeth with water jet and saliva ejector. Cheek retractor on the mouth. Concept of professional dental hygiene

What are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

  • Shaking teeth,
  • Gum tenderness, pain, redness, edema,
  • Bleeding of the gums when brushing or suddenly
  • Gingival recession,
  • Exposure of root surfaces
  • Itching sensation in the gums, bad smell

Why Do Gums Get Sick?

Smoking, stress, clenching, unbalanced diet, genetics, some drugs, pregnancy, diabetes

What are the Causes of Gingival Recession?

  • Having dental calculus
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Flood fills
  • Incompatibility of crown and bridge prosthesis with gingiva
  • Incorrect brushing of teeth
  • · Genetics
  • Bruxism
  • Periodontal diseases

What is tartar?

Tartar (tartar, calculus) are hard structures that are formed as a result of the deposits we call bacterial plaque staying on the tooth surfaces for a long time.

Oral hygiene should be paid attention to prevent the formation of dental calculus.

Does Teeth Cleaning Damage Teeth?

No. If this process is done properly, it will not cause any harm. If you do not have dental calculus cleaning, your gums will be damaged.

The success of treatment depends on proper oral care habits. It is necessary to come to the dentist for a routine check-up every 6 months.

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