How make is root treatment?

Treatment begins with local anesthesia to avoid pain. With sterile and sensitive devices, the caries is cleaned and the broken part is removed. In this way, the nerves of the tooth are reached. The nerves and tissues at the root of the tooth are cleaned. In this way, the root canal is shaped up to the root tip. As a result of canal shaping, which can be done in a single session or several times, the canal is filled with special filling materials up to the root tip.

How many sessions does root canal treatment take?

Depending on the condition of the tooth, it can be treated in a single session or in treatments that last several sessions.

How should the opened canal be protected in treatments that do not end in a single session?

In between sessions, dressing is done with drugs that will heal the root and root tip.

Endodontics – Endodontist Preparing Instruments for Root Canal Treatment in Dental Clinic.

What should be considered during root canal treatment?

Nothing should be eaten or drunk until the effect of the anesthesia wears off. During the treatment, nuts and similar hard foods and sticky foods such as chewing gum should be avoided in the area of ​​the treated tooth. Most tooth fractures are seen between sessions. Care should be taken that the temporary filling does not fall between treatment sessions.

Will there be pain after root canal treatment?

After the treatment, there may be a slight pain and sensitivity in the tooth, especially during chewing.

How to understand failed root canal treatments?

We can understand a failed root canal treatment by the symptoms of toothache, spontaneous pain, swelling and redness at the root tip. If the nerve tissue that is not cleaned during the treatment is left, in cases where the root canal filling and top filling is not done adequately, the infiltration of microorganisms into the canal, the formation of perforation or fractures during the treatment, and the failure of the root canal treatment is mentioned.

What is a repeat root canal treatment?

Unsuccessful root canal treatment is renewed and the treatment is repeated. The success rate of root canal treatments performed under sterile conditions is between 90-95%.

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