Prototic Dentistry

What is Prosthesis?

If you have lost one or more of your teeth, you know how much this affects your oral health, aesthetics and speech. Prostheses give you back what you lost.

How Much Are Prostheses Separated?

We can evaluate prostheses in two different classes as fixed and removable prostheses.

Fixed Prostheses

While they are divided into crowns and bridges, they can be named as full metal, metal supported porcelain or full porcelain according to the material used in their production.

Crown: It is the process of reducing and covering the teeth that have excessive material loss due to caries, fractures or any other reason.
Bridge: In the absence of one or more teeth, it is the process of reducing the adjacent teeth and filling the gaps by getting support from the special coatings that come to them.
Removable Prostheses

They can be named in different ways according to their different characteristics.


What is Total and Partial Prosthesis?

Total, full dentures: If the person has lost all the teeth in his mouth, total-full dentures should be made.
Partial, partial dentures: It is a type of prosthesis that provides attachment to the tooth with metal parts called crochet (hooks) made with a combination of special acrylic and metals in partial tooth deficiency.

Care and Cleaning of Prostheses

If it is desired to benefit from the prostheses for a long time and in the best way, cleanliness should be given importance, they should be removed from the mouth after each meal and cleaned thoroughly with a brush.

Clear water or soapy water is suitable for this process. Dentures cleaned in the evening should be left in a glass of clean water and put on in the morning.

What are precision attachment dentures?

It is another type of prosthesis used in partial tooth deficiency. These prostheses are far superior to classical partial dentures in terms of aesthetics, retention and health.

What are over-implant prostheses?

placed on the screw system placed in the jawbone.

Fixed: Porcelain crowns applied to one or more teeth
Movable: Total-like prostheses applied to completely edentulous mouths

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